What Can Counseling Do For Me?

Our therapy services can include any of the following specialties:

* Marriage, family, and/or blended family issues,

* Recovery from previous domestic violence,

* Resolving issues from abuse/neglect or trauma,

* Sobriety from substance abuse or addictions,

* Chronic mental health concerns,

* Behavioral concerns,

* Veterans and/or PTSD,

* Geriatric / senior citizens community,

* And much more!

Connect to Community Resources

Many times, simply navigating multiple health concerns can feel too exhausting to look for where to even find help!  That's how we can help.

We partner with several accredited universities to utilize Social Work students in helping do the research and printing for you.  We can help connect you with existing resources in the area.  By connecting you with these available agencies, we help meet your basic needs and promote an overall improved quality of life through empowering independence and connection.

Who We Are

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